My goal is to always provide outstanding customer service. Below are testimonials from some of my clients:

DeAnn Kamp was recommended to us by local residents who had previously worked with her. We contacted her in advance of our visit to let her know what we were interested in seeing. She e-mailed listings to us so we could discuss and decide together what properties met our requirements. When we arrived she had the day planned so well that we were able to see all of the selections. The next day after paring down the list, she took us back to see the finalists and eventually assisted us in making a decision. DeAnn helped prepare our offer and negotiated until it was accepted. We left with a signed contract and a closing date. She has an established network in the area and provided choices of home inspectors, legal firms, and insurance agencies. Working with such an experienced professional was a great experience. She has a vast knowledge of the area and the many communities. DeAnn is also very good at understanding what is important to her clients. We highly recommend her.
From Anthony J.

My husband and I were thinking ahead to retirement and we were considering buying a condo in Bonita Springs, Florida but didn’t have a lot of information on the housing communities in the area. I got DeAnn Kamp’s contact info from a mail flyer a friend had received and gave her a call. That phone call started a nearly year long relationship with DeAnn where she helped us find a condo. It wasn’t an easy situation because we lived in another state and wasn’t able to just fly to Florida every month and search. As we located possible properties online, DeAnn would go over and view them for us. She had an outstanding feel for what we wanted. Nine months into the process she called and said she felt it would be a great time to visit due to the market and the availability of units. We flew out and found our condo! DeAnn helped us the entire way. She helped make a very stressful process go very smoothly and was always there to reassure us and talk us through a lot of questions. Our questions were always answered immediately and put our mind to ease many times.Buying a condo/home long distance is possible if you have good people working with you on the other side. That is the experience we had.We would recommend DeAnn as a great realtor and I’m so glad I saw her flyer!
From Gerry G.

DeAnn Kamp was very courteous and professional when my daughter and husband and I were looking for a year long rental in Bonita Springs, Florida, prior to deciding where we might want to buy, for our retirement.DeAnn impressed me with her knowledge of the area and the intelligent way she had of tracking properties. She let us know through her web site what new rental properties were on the market, and eventually we found one that suited our needs. From that point on she went above and beyond, by checking out the apartment for us, sending us pictures and giving us her own appraisal of the apartment after touring it with the owner’s realtor, and checking on all the items we considered important.She is a very warm hearted and sincere person with the ability to charm anyone with whom she works. She made the whole process very easy and comfortable for us, even though we were many miles away.I can’t speak highly enough of her professionalism, dedication, and excellent knowledge base.
From Julie V.

DeAnn Kamp was extremely professional and very patient as we considered all our options before purchasing our new home. Her expertise was particularly helpful during our tricky closing. We would definitely use DeAnn again for our real estate needs.ugh of her professionalism, dedication, and excellent knowledge base.
From Karan M.

We have known DeAnn Kamp for years and listed our Golf Course/Resort community condo with her hoping for an off season long term rental. In a short amount of time, DeAnn found us the perfect tenant. She is always professional, but very personable and a joy and easy to work with …. a winning combination. She is unquestionably our “go to” real estate professional.
From Max A.

DeAnn Kamp was extremely helpful in my home purchase process. She was very professional and it was a pleasure doing business with her. She offered referrals for local vendors and personal advice that was very helpful for me as a new resident for the Fort Myers area. I highly recommend her and will use her again in the future.
From Brannon

First of all, would I like to apologize to DeAnn Kamp for not getting this done sooner. I have been having problems with my laptop and it took longer to complete then I thought.Secondly, I am assuming that I rated the stars above to reflect the highest levels of satisfaction. If I made a mistake, please correct them to the highest.Lastly, if it was not for DeAnn, instead of filling this recommendation out in Florida, I would be defrosting inVirginia. I contacted DeAnn in early and found a shortage of units meeting my leasing requirements includinglocation, amenities, size, availability, price, etc.By late December with nothing in sight I had all but given up. Since we had leased in the Colony for the last four years I began calling friends to see if knew of anything, nothing came up including VRBO.Approximately 10 days latter DeAnn called with two potentialunits that met all our requirements. DeAnn met with a friendof our,s at the property took pictures and negotiated length of the contract and price. In addition, DeAnn got the condo association to process all the paperwork required in a fraction of the time it normally would have taken. This allowedus maximize the time we could spend in Florida.In summary, I can only say if it wasn’t for DeAnn’s effort and professionalism this would not have happened.
From L Fisher

DeAnn Kamp was wonderful she was extremely knowledgeable, patient, trusting and professional. She was very aware of our all of our needs and found us a perfect home for our family (dogs included)! I would highly recommend DeAnn Kamp!
From Cristy T.

DeAnn Kamp made selling our home as pleasant as possible. She let us make decisions and choose our level of involvement. Appreciated that she kept us well informed on details which was important to us. Very knowledgeable about Pelican Landing where we sold.
From Churchbuy